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Public Folders Need a Serious Slimdown

Public folders are bursting at the seams and must be cleaned up.  Please make an effort to clean up old data that is no longer needed out of public folders.

Accessing Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access (OWA), commonly referred to as NetMail or WebMail, allows you to view your mailbox via the web. Once you have an internet connection, you can access your email remotely through Outlook Web Access.

***If you are a first-time user of Outlook Web Access and Spherion’s network, or if your network password has expired, you are required to change your network password before you will be able to access OWA.

Changing your Network Password

If you have never logged into OWA or Spherion’s network, or if your network password has expired, you are required to change your password before you can access OWA. To change your password, click on the Change your Password link located on the left bar. The following window will display:

To successfully change your password, you must enter information in the fields on this window.

Domain: This field identifies the network path your account information resides in. If you are unaware of what domain your account is in, please contact the Customer Care Center immediately and they can help you determine your primary domain.
Account: This field is your Spherion Windows network account. If you are not sure what your account is, please contact the Customer Care Center immediately and they can help you determine your primary domain.
Old password: In the old password field, type your current Spherion Windows network password. Remember, passwords are case sensitive, so it is important that you ensure your CAPS Lock or Num Lock are not enabled.
New password: In the New password field, enter in the new password of your choice.
You can refer to Spherion’s password policies stored in the People Manual. From the Intranet left menu bar, select Payroll/HR/Benefits > People Manual. The Password Policy is located in the General Administration area.
Confirm new password: Once you have entered in your new password, you must enter it again here.

Once you have completed this information, select OK to change your password. If you are successful at changing your password, after selecting OK, a new window will appear stating that you have successfully changed your password.

Now, you are ready to utilize Outlook Web Access though NetMail.

Outlook Web Access 2003, or NetMail

Below are the instructions for logging into NetMail.

As a login overview, you to need to enter the following to access your mailbox using NetMail:

1. User Name: Your username here will be your domain name, followed by a back slash (\), then your domain account. If you are unaware of your domain, please contact the Customer Care Center to obtain the correct information.
2. Password: In this field type in your Spherion network password –remember that it is case sensitive.
3. Save Password: You also have an option to save this password in your password list. We recommend that you do not select this box since Spherion network passwords expire every 45 days.

Once you have entered in your information, press OK and you will be taken to your mailbox through NetMail. If you are not taken directly to you inbox, simply click on Folders button to the left of the window. This will display a list of your mailbox folders, allowing you to select the appropriate folder you wish to access.
Here are some quick tips that will assist you in using NetMail:

* New mail will not automatically appear in NetMail. If you would like to see if any new mail has arrived since you have logged in, select the Check for new messages icon.

* If you need to adjust your Out Of Office Message, change your network password, or even recover deleted items, click on the Shortcuts button to the left of the window, then Options.

* The NetMail screen can only display a certain amount of email messages. To navigate to additional email messages, you can use the page navigation area on the upper right side of your button bar.

* Once you delete an email, you must then empty it from the deleted items folder to actually delete it from your Outlook mailbox by selecting the following icon

You can also find more detailed information using Outlook Web Access, specifically NetMail, by clicking on the help link located on the upper right hand side on the NetMail screen.

If you have any further questions using Outlook Web Access, please contact the Customer Care Center at 1-866-HELP-456.